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Whether you are an expert or a beginner, fishing in Punta Cana on one of our boats will be a unique experience for you and your companions. Let yourself go by the adrenaline of this aquatic activity that nationals and foreigners can not miss when coming to Punta Cana. All our boats are ready and equipped to perform any type of fishing to catch any fish, in any season. You can catch some species during all year long. Such as Mahi Mahi, Blue Marlin, Horse mackerel, Wahoo, Yellowtail Snappers, and Grouper. Punta cana is also amazing for other catches, as its blue crystal clear water let you appreciate everything. From the bright colors, how they change on the surface and you can even see how they eat the bait, and fight. Take a look to our fleet if you are interested in having an Amazing Fishing in Punta cana, a service provide by our friends at Fishing charters punta cana

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Fishing Boats in Punta Cana and Casa de Campo

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Top Fishing Species in punta cana

We are the Best punta cana Deep Sea Fishing

Punta Cana Fishing

You can catch some species during all year long.

Depending on the species you would like to fish in punta cana is the type of fishing that we should perform. Some especies like king barracudas, can be found on-shore, and fish with trolling. However, most of the other species must be caught going deep sea fishing or bottom fishing.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi-mahi are popular fish for both beginner and experienced fishermen, as they can be caught throughout Mid-Atlantic sea ports and are worth the fishing

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin fishing in Punta Cana varies moderately throughout the year. High season is June to July. Low season is January to February and October to December.

Horse mackerel

Horse mackerel are caught with feathers (sabiki rigs), small lures and jigs. They are also excellent live bait for tuna fishing for example.


With a sleek, streamlined body the wahoo is one of the fastest fish in the sea. No other fish can strip line from a reel so fast

Yellowtail Snappers

Anglers consider yellowtail snappers to be an outstanding sport fish. The best way to catch them is using anchored boats and chumming to get them to come closer


Trolling for Grouper is a popular technique if you want to fish anywhere where there's minimal cover.